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Why ‘History for Adults’?

This blog is not for professional historians, but it sets higher goals. I seek to address people who reflect on history and who are not satisfied with the childish oversimplifications that have been diffused to suply arguments for muckraking journalism.

About Ivo Cerman

Ivo Cerman is a Czech historian of the Enlightenment who is best known for his work on aristocractic education. However, his main interest is now the history of human rights and natural law. His publications include Habsburgischer Adel und Aufklärung (2010) and Aufklärung und Illuminismus (2015). He led the teams of collective volumes The Enlightenment in Bohemia (2011) and Casanova, Enlightenment philosopher (2016).

It is his position that liberal states should be preserved and supernatural explanations should be excluded from our narratives.

He has been a staunch supporter of Israel and the Jews, and he has started to risk his professional reputation in the fringe media because he tried to combat the anti-Israel bias and leftist antisemitism. By now, things got worse and Ivo is worried about Western democracy in general and distortions of history in particular. He started this newsletter to share the results of his own research on allegations against the U. S., but he would also like to talk about Nazism, Eastern Europe and the present transition into the post-democratic order.

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